Stanley cup

Most unique sports Trophy in the world

By: GeemanBox

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National Hockey League (NHL) is professional ice hockey league in North America.

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NHL gets full credit to make Ice Hockey - an aspirational sport in USA & Canada

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Starting with 4 teams in 1917, today NHL has total 32 teams. 

Out of 32 teams, 24 teams are from USA and 8 teams are from Canada

During "ORIGINAL SIX" era (1942 - 1967), the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup Trophy record 24 times!

It is awarded to the league playoff champion every year. 

-----  The Stanley Cup ----

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Uniqueness of Stanley Cup lies not in the cup, but the way it is designed and awarded.

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Unlike other sports, same Stanley Cup is passed down to new winner every year


Every year, the names of all winning team players are engraved on the trophy and this is going on since 1893 !!

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Winning team lifts the cup above the head and takes it around the rink to proudly show to cheering Audience

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The winning team members and staff drink champagne from the cup.

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The winning team gets  the chance to lift the entire history of the cup - Literally !!!

image source: Toronto Star

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