Puppy Bowl XIX

Puppy Bowl XIX – who will win 5th time?

The Puppy Bowl XIX is an annual television event that features adoptable puppies playing together in a miniature football stadium. All the dogs turn into canine athletes and compete in this Puppy Bowl. It is broadcasted on Animal Planet and typically airs on the same day as the Super Bowl.

The first Puppy Bowl was broadcasted in 2005 and since then, it has become a beloved tradition and much-awaited event for all animal lovers. This year’s event “Puppy Bowl XIX” is the 19th edition of the event. In previous years, the Puppy Bowl has featured a variety of breeds, including Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and Bulldog puppies, among others. This year’s Puppy Bowl will showcase 122 rescue dogs presented by 67 shelters coming from 34 states.

Other than filling in as charming entertainment for all animal lovers, this annual event serves a higher purpose. It aims to raise awareness for animal adoption, helps rescue dogs to garner attention from all animal lovers as well as secure shelters from interested adopters across the United States and the Caribbean. Animal Planet’s website hosts pictures of each dog with details on breed, background and the shelter where it lives. Interested adopters can connect with the shelter directly thru Animal Planet’s website.

The current year’s occasion flaunts a 100 percent adoption rate — each of the 122 players have already found their permanent homes to settle down.

Structure of the Puppy Bowl XIX Game:

Like the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl highlights two groups: Team Ruff (wearing orange) and Team Fluff (wearing blue). The canine competitors go head to head for the “Lombarky Trophy“. The scores keeping started 8 years and since then, both the Team Ruff and Team Fluff have won the Trophy four times each. This year’s event will be deciding one to establish supremacy of a team… Woof! Woof!

Furthermore, if you can’t differentiate between a touchdown and a field goal, simply relax. Puppy Bowl rules are much simpler than football. All the canine athletes play in a miniature sized football stadium and try to put the ball into one of two end zones. All the pup players undergo several months training so that they adapt and adjust to lights, cameras and people cheers all around them.

Amazing facts of Stanley Cup since 1903

Dan Schachner - Puppy Bowl's ruff-eree for 12 years
Dan Schachner with an adorable pup from Team Ruff. Courtesy of Animal Planet

For 12th year in a row, Dan Schachner will act as the Puppy Bowl’s “ruff-eree”, he’s entrusted with managing everything for dogs while the pup players compete for Lombarky Trophy. Sportscasters Taylor Rooks and Steve Levy will give live play-by-play calls on the little dogs’ courageous endeavors. Other cherished features of the game are the water bowl cam and the Pedigree puppy kiss cam.

The event is loved by all animal lovers across the country and this year participants dogs have arrived from Carribean as well as Native American shelter. Many animal lovers and Non-profit organizations crave to increase number of shows in the year, instead of Annual only!

The big game will be aired on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, TBS, Discovery+, HBO Max.

Final thoughts

Irrespective of whether Team Ruff or team Fluff wins the Lombarky trophy 5th time, one thing is for sure that every pup is a sure winner. He / she has got a genuinely caring parent and “furr-ever” home after all.

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